Betsy DeVos

Campus Snowflakes Disrespect DeVos, College Pres. Threatens to Cancel Graduation

Liberal backlash against any and all things Trump has taken an ugly turn this week as Bethune-Cookman graduates attempted to humiliate Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

Students at the university had been up in arms from the moment that DeVos was announced as commencement speaker, with many rudely voicing their frustration to Bethune-Cookman officials over the course of several weeks.  Then, when it came time for students to actually graduate, they became so unruly toward DeVos that the President of the University threatened to cancel the entire ceremony if they would not settle down.

“DeVos was met with incessant booing throughout her entire graduation address at Bethune-Cookman, a historically black university in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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“Roughly two minutes into DeVos’ speech, the unruly protests became so noisy that Edison Jackson, the college’s president, stepped in and threatened to cancel the commencement ceremony and mail students their diplomas if they didn’t compose themselves.

“’Choose which way you want to go,’ he said sternly before stepping back as yet another wave of boos washed through the arena.

“Despite Jackson’s ultimatum, the protesting continued. At some points, it was nearly impossible to hear the secretary over the shouting and some students chose to stand with their backs to DeVos for the entirety of her speech.”

Others in attendance proudly admitted that they were interfering with DeVos’ speech simply as a way to express their anger against President Donald Trump.  One such misguided miscreant was Reverend Jeffrey Dove.

“’I don’t hate Betsy DeVos, but the fruit from the poison tree is poisonous. Donald Trump is a racist and a sexist, and my job as a preacher is to speak up against that,’ he told the website. ‘There’s no problem with a dialogue, but this is not a dialogue — it’s a monologue.’”

This pervasive new anger that the left has embraced comes directly from the New Fascism movement latching onto impressionable millennials.  The anti-Free Speech riots are UC Berkeley earlier this year were certainly just the beginning of this budding anarchy, and, from the looks of Bethune-Cookman’s unruly mob, we haven’t seen the last of this leftist lunacy.

Not by a long shot.

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