Campus Kooks: Harvard Ready To Accept That Gender Can Change DAILY

At the once-prestigious Harvard University, anything is possible…including daily changes to your gender, according to a new guide published by the school.

After former President Barack Obama became obsessed with transgendered Americans late in his second term, the left has been working overtime to impose hastily prepared rules for the engagement of these democratic voters.  After a decree made by Obama threatened to tear funding away from public schools who wouldn’t allow anyone to use any bathroom at any time, the conservative side of America began to speak up against the strangely dangerous policy.  North Carolina’s attempt to stymy the President’s order by declaring it illegal to use the bathroom does not correspond with your anatomical gender lasted only scant months before the NCAA held the state hostage over championship hosting rights, forcing a repeal.

As this liberalism invades our society, it does so alarmingly fast on college campuses, where millennials are being indoctrinated by the thousands into the new ideology of the left in which we must create shortcuts for all people instead of simply allowing them to be created equal.

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Harvard University, as time-honored and treasured as it is, has also succumbed to this new nightmare from the left.

“Harvard University’s Office of BLGTQ Student Life has designed a new school-sponsored gender diversity guide for students aiming to ‘fight transphobia’ and describing gender fluidity as being able to change ‘from day to day.’

“The guide was distributed to students on campus, according to Campus Reform, and asserts gender fluidity as a proven fact. It opens by proclaiming the differences between biological sex and gender identity.

“’Sex assigned at birth and gender identity are not necessarily the same,’ the heading reads. ‘Sex assigned at birth, gender identity, sexual orientation, hormonal makeup, physical anatomy, and/or how one is perceived in daily life are not necessarily related.’

“’There are more than two sexes,’ the guide continues in bold letters. ‘Many factors influence “biological” sex, including internal and external genitalia, hormones, and chromosomes.’”

The ugly truth about all of these new classifications for people’s pronouns is in no way promoting the community of American society.  It is simply further isolating these Americans, segregating them from the population so that the left can exploit their struggles as their own.  Progressive policies under Barack Obama led to a severe identity crisis in America, with half of the country looking to segregate and isolate citizens based on every possible qualifier, while the other half words toward the goal of mass assimilation in this melting pot of a country.

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