So-called “Deradicalization” Muslim Religious Leader Arrested for Being a Terrorist

For years liberals have mocked conservatives for warning them about the Muslim tenet of “taqiyya,” which gives Muslims the freedom to lie to infidels. Perhaps the latest bit of news will help them to realize that our fears of “moderate” Muslim lies are not so overblown?

Recently, a German Muslim religious leader, Imam Abu Adam Hesham Shashaa, was arrested by the Spanish authorities in a large scale investigation that led to the arrests of many terror-connected European Muslims.

Moraira – The Spanish national police have arrested Imam Abu Adam Hesham Shashaa in a large-scale operation in Moraira.

He looks like Osama bin Laden, but he has always distanced himself from Islamic terrorism. Possibly just a lip confession. According to the Costa news , the national police recently arrested Imam Abu Adam Hesham Shashaa in a large-scale operation in Moraira. The allegations are fierce: The Islamic scholar is accused of belonging to the terrorist Islamic state (IS), the glorification of terrorism and the indoctrination of religious brothers with Salafist and Jihadist ideology.

Imam Abu Adam is also no stranger in Germany. Among other things, he worked in Leipzig, where he was talking about a program for the de-radicalization of young Muslims.

In fact, the German Imam was world famous for his work supposedly “de-radicalizing” young Muslims.

The New York Times spent a lot of ink attempting to hold Imam Abu Adam up as a symbol of moderate Islam, and as evidence that Islam was indeed a “religion of peace” and that its adherents could be trusted to assimilate into Western Christendom.

He travels to mosques and madrasas throughout Europe, as well as the Middle East and Pakistan, telling young Muslims that fighting against American troops and other forces is a violation of their religion. He condemns militant recruiters in his sermons, urges worshipers at Friday Prayer to call the police if they hear about plans for an attack and readily talks with law enforcement officials about the reasons for radicalization and the best way to combat it.

“We cannot just sit down and let other people hijack our religion,” he said in an interview.

Threats come with the territory, so now Mr. Shashaa travels with former students who act as his bodyguards.

Pamela Geller explains that this isn’t the first time the New York Times has been fooled by a Muslim cleric, they used to love Anwar al-Awlaki too… until they discovered that he was secretly working with radical jihadists to terrorize the world.

The Times does not mention or explore taqiya. Instead it lies for the liar. It advances the false narrative as painting Awlaki as a man of peace who became …….radical, aka devout. The Times paints Awlaki’s fundamentalism as some sort of  new hat …………. while, of course, blaming America (as a sub-text) for his  “radicalism,” ie: “Finally, after the Yemeni authorities, under American pressure, imprisoned him in 2006 and 2007, Mr. Awlaki seems to have hardened into a fully committed ideologist of jihad, condemning non-Muslims and cheerleading for slaughter.”

As Geller explains the liberal media is going to keep on being surprised because they simply refuse to believe that Islam is what it says it is.

H/T Pamela Geller 🇺🇸

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