California’s Slice and Dice Deal Looks More Likely by The Day

Leave it to California to ruin a perfectly good holiday with their selfish and absurd shenanigans.

The nation is in the midst of a patriotic resurgence under populist President Donald Trump.  Just take a look around today; how many Americans out there just being American, loving the nation unabashedly, unafraid of the liberal left’s guilt-tripping tropes and left wing lunacy.  Today is a day in which it becomes extremely apparent just how great the nation truly feels.

That’s not the story we see on the mainstream media, however.  When we take a glance at corporate-controlled “news” stations, we are constantly told that our nation is divided in ways that we may never recover from.

I’m calling B.S.  Take a look at this photograph:

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This was at a soccer game in Atlanta, Georgia last weekend.  There were 71,000 people there to watch a team comprised of men from all over the world, coached by one of the greatest South American coaches of all time.

That team is Atlanta United, an American team in the Major League Soccer who has done more than just put a winning team on the field:  They have taken a city that is comprised upwards of 30% in transplants, brought them together in the birthplace of civil rights, and created a spectacle of civility to behold.

Oh, and Atlanta United is quietly dominating the entire American sports scene while flying under the radar of the mainstream.

The team now has the four highest single-game attendance marks in MLS history:

72,035 vs. D.C. United on March 11, 2018.

71,932 vs. Orlando City on June 30, 2018.

71,874 vs. Toronto on Oct. 22, 2017.

70,425 vs. Orlando City on Sept. 16, 2017.

Even crazier:  That June 30th game was the most well attended soccer match in the world on that day…a day that included several World Cup matches.

This is all happening in The Bible Belt, with the most diverse mix of fans that you’ll ever see anywhere, in a city that is simply too busy to hate.  The left wouldn’t believe it possible!

“How is this possible in The South? “, they might say to one another.

“They still eat Chick Fil A down there!”

Can it, liberals.  Worry about your own rotting dystopia before you try dissing us.

In a midterm season marked by primary upsets and the prospect of Democrats claiming a congressional check on President Trump’s power, another sensational development has been the momentum behind a ballot measure to split up the unwieldy, high-tax state of California.

The California secretary of state last month verified almost a half-million signatures collected by Cal3 initiative backer Tim Draper, qualifying it for the November ballot.

But could the seemingly quixotic bid to split California into three separate states become reality?

“There are a lot of what-ifs,” Citizens for Cal3 spokeswoman Peggy Grande acknowledged.

Perhaps it is the liberal governance of California that has citizens clamoring for the exits?  Heck, Hollywood has already made their exodus to Georgia, a securely Red state now being referred to as Y’allywood by locals.


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