California’s Sanctuary Stunt Gets Brutal Reality Check by Feds

The ultraliberal state of California has pulled some rather ridiculous stunts in the past, but their “sanctuary state” legislation might be their most farcical yet.

As President Donald Trump stormed into office in January, promising to restore law and order to our nation’s immigration policies, leftists the nation over bemoaned the common sense approach as somehow racist.  Mind you, the President wasn’t suggesting that illegal aliens were inferior human beings or inherently evil in any way; the President was merely stating the obvious regarding their legal situation.

This, of course, threw Californians into a tizzy.  The left-leaningest state in all the land, the Bear Republic quickly began drafting ludicrous legislation meant to obstruct and insult the President.

First, there was a great deal of talk about “Calexit”, or, the secession of California from the nation.  As far fetched as this sounds, the idea has created some political turbulence and is well on its way to becoming a ballot initiative for the midterm elections.

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California has also now passed legislation claiming that they are a “sanctuary state” where illegal immigrants will be protected from the federal laws that are still very much in place.  Californians are once again hoping to nullify the efforts of the President and his agenda on immigration – something that Americans as a whole are very, very in favor of.  California, being the U.S. citizenry that often skews the graph of American values, somehow believe that they are above these nationwide regulations.

The office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement just let slip a massive spoiler for the home of Hollywood:  No.  You’re not.

“The nation’s top Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official said Friday that his agency had ‘no choice’ but to arrest illegal immigrants in California’s neighborhoods and worksites despite newly signed sanctuary city legislation.

“Those arrested would also likely placed in out-of-state detention centers, ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said in a statement.

“Homan’s comments came a day after Gov. Jerry Brown D-Calif. signed bill SB54, or sanctuary state legislation.

“The bill, which goes into effect on Jan. 1, would ban police from asking people about their immigration status or participating in federal immigration enforcement activities. Jail officials would only be allowed to transfer inmates to federal immigration authorities if they have been convicted of certain crimes.

“Homan cautioned the bill helped protect illegal immigrants from deportation and made the state a ‘magnet.'”

The asinine belief of some Californians to be above the law is an absurd piece of collateral ego that the radical left has adopted in the age of President Trump.

Now, as liberals across the nation continue to believe that they can delegitimize the President by merely opposing him and the massive swath of America that voted for him, there will be several rude awakenings occurring throughout the nation.  California’s hard left lean just guaranteed that they would be the first to feel it.


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