California’s Do-Nothing Democrats Spawn Pothole Vigilantism Team

Decades of democratic rule has left California in a state of rampant ruin, where “social justice” gets far more attention than the state’s failing infrastructure.

While the millennial-obsessed democratic party continues to herald the Bear Republic as some sort of bastion of hope for the doomed democratic party, the state is quite literally falling apart.  Just yesterday we reported on new initiative by California to remove a well known carcinogen from their drinking water.  How a state that claims such stringent ecological discipline could allow something so overtly dangerous to occur is an absolutely painful irony.

Now, another infrastructure faux-pas is getting attention in California, again, for all of the wrong reasons.  In this instance, however, Californians are so sick and tired of waiting for their liberal government to address the issue that they have formed teams of vigilante laborers to get the job done themselves.

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“Months after heavy rains ravaged roads and bridges in Northern California, officials in Santa Cruz County say it could still take more than a year to repair all the damage, especially in the mountains that are home to several thousand residents.

“That’s too long for the Santa Cruz Vigilante Pothole Brigade, a group of intrepid locals who’ve raised money and manpower to do the job themselves.

“The brigade is comprised of moms and dads, firefighters, entrepreneurs and fearless do-it-yourselfers fed up with tire-popping potholes – and a county public works agency telling them to just be patient.

“On a typical morning, they gather for a quick safety chat, don reflective vests and hard hats, and hit the road to shovel donated cold patch.

“The Santa Cruz Vigilante Pothole Brigade is in negotiations to become officially sanctioned, like volunteer firefighters.

“[This] band of road warriors will continue to pave over problems and help their community – whether the government approves the group or not.”

Of course, the leadership within Santa Cruz County isn’t all too thrilled with the Pothole Brigade, rightfully finding themselves concerned over the lack of progress that their governmental agencies can make.

Once again, we are treated to a situation in which the government is unable to surpass the efficiency of the American people, thanks in no small part to the overwhelming quagmires that occur in heavily liberal areas.  Red tape and bureaucracy are everywhere in our modern era, but nowhere has been quite as rife with inefficiency as California has in recent decades.

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