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Californians Fearing End Times Get Spooky TV Message on Thursday

There have been no shortage of doomsday predictions during these first few years of the 21st century, and another is right around the corner.

With the Y2K fears a not-so-distant memory, and the end of the Mayan calendar passing without incident, it seemed as though the world had dodged two fairly substantial bullets that promised a reckoning on par with whatever took the dinosaurs out to pasture.  Both events came and went, leaving a gallery of the embarrassed, and somewhat dejected “prophets” to sort out the pieces of their predictions that sent the whole scenario awry.

Tomorrow marks yet another of these end-of-the-world situations, with a number of observers believing that a prediction from Revelations, chapter 12 will occur in celestial form as Jupiter exits the “womb” of the constellation Virgo only to belie a sinister force, (or Planet X), hurtling toward earth.

Others believe that this will be the onset of the rapture, and that there are a number of strange signs of the endgames both in the stars and on the streets of the world.

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If you subscribe to either theory, or have even heard about the supposed impending doom arriving on Saturday, then what just occurred in Orange County, California will likely further your paranoia.  Even the non-believers in the Bear Republic were spooked by what appeared to be a hacked, prophetic emergency alert from their local cable provider.

“Some Orange County residents were stunned Thursday, Sept. 21, when television programming was suddenly interrupted for about a minute with an ominous message predicting the end of the world.

“Stacy Laflamme of Lake Forest said she was watching the HGTV channel via Cox Communications about 11:05 a.m. when suddenly an emergency alert flashed across her screen followed by a voice.

“’Realize this, extremely violent times will come,’ a man’s voice boomed, according to a video of the alert.

“Cox and Spectrum are investigating who sent out the alert and whether it was done accidentally or on purpose. It was unclear where the audio came from.

“’We have confirmed that we were fed an incorrect audio file,’ said Dennis Johnson, a spokesman for Spectrum.

“It hasn’t been determined if the audio in the alert is related to a prophecy by David Meade, a  self-described ‘specialist in research and investigations’ who believes catastrophic events will occur Saturday.”

Users on social website Reddit have determined that the audio was that of a Chuck Swindoll sermon superimposed over the “Emergency Alert” graphic.

Regardless of the event’s probable paltry origins, given the mild hysteria regarding tomorrow’s predictions, a great many theorists are wondering if this wasn’t a purposeful slip-up.  Theories ranging from in-the-know technicians at the cable company to a hack by an evangelical group are running rampant across social media at this time.


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