California University Claims That Only White People Can Be Racist


Leave it to a University in the liberal stronghold of California to publish an opinion so far removed from reality that simply stating the truth is shocking.

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That’s exactly what happened at the University of California at Davis this week when a new glossary was published for the school.  In addition to the ridiculous claims about white people’s sole ability to be discriminatory, the glossary also made immensely flawed claims regarding transgendered people, “womxn”, and homosexuals, all of which sound like a parody of the leftist agenda.

“UC Davis defines ‘racism’ as ‘the systematic subordination of marginalized racial groups … by members of the agent/dominant/privileged racial group who have relatively more social power (white),’ clearly indicating that only whites are capable of racism.

“In the ‘transition’ part of the glossary, the college suggests that transgender individuals can be considered as such without changing their names, legal gender, or undergoing hormone therapy or surgical operations.

“The school defines homosexuality, but it also includes a definition for ‘same gender loving,’ which is ‘a term used by some African American folks who love, date, have attraction to people of the same gender.’

“Furthermore, UC Davis uses multiple words to describe an individual attracted to members of more than one gender, providing definitions for ‘bisexual,’ ‘pansexual,’ ‘omnisexual,’ and ‘nonmonosexual.’”


This is all part of the progressive push to make America the land of the offended and, in turn, the marginally oppressed.  If every single living, breathing human in our nation has his or her own fringe qualifier to describe themselves and their private and sexual preferences, then there is no longer a sense of community or societal structure.  By removing the social common denominators, the left has been successful in dividing this great nation into small, digestible pieces on which they can pounce and bully into their fringe way of thinking.

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