California Unable to Eliminate Carcinogens from Drinking Water

The liberal government in California has been accused of a plethora of pathetic failures, but their latest liquid lunacy is literally going to kill someone.

Californians have been extremely furious over the election of President Donald Trump in recent months, going so far as to threaten to secede from the nation on several occasions, as well as working to incite college student in Berkeley to violently shutter conservative free speech on campus.  This is truly just the tip of the iceberg for the west coast liberal stronghold that has been a key locale in the so-called “resistance” against the President.

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In reality, however, Californians should be far more concerned about their own governmental inadequacies than they are about President Trump’s work in Washington.  After all, they can’t even keep their tap water from spreading cancer to their citizens.

“In the Central Valley of California, hundreds of wells that provide water to a million people are tainted with a chemical that some experts say is one of the most powerful cancer-causing agents in the world.

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“The state is poised to take the first step Tuesday to regulate the substance — called 1,2,3, TCP — but test data compiled by an activist group show it’s also been detected by utilities across the country.

“Some who live in this lush farmland believe it’s to blame for the health problems of their family members and neighbors.

“”The word that really captures all of it is “outrage,”‘ said Jerry Tinoco, 45, who is from the city of Arvin and says at least three close family members have been diagnosed with cancer. ‘It’s a man-made chemical, so someone is to blame.’

“There’s no research showing the chemical has caused cancer spikes in specific communities, but some residents and experts told NBC News that research simply has yet to be done in towns like Arvin.

“How dangerous is TCP? The Environmental Protection Agency has concluded it’s ‘likely to be carcinogenic to humans,’ and the California water board warns residents not to shower with tainted water because they might inhale the chemical.”

The irony is certainly not lost on all who are familiar with California’s absurdly liberal legal stance.

California is a state that has promoted wildly left-leaning environmental legislation, as well as overwhelmingly strict legislation prohibiting Americans from enjoying certain guilty pleasures.  The bizarre contrast of a state in which the water cannot be made safe enough to prevent carcinogens from entering the bloodstream, yet smoking a cigarette is virtually illegal anywhere in public, would be a laughable situation were we not dealing with these life and death circumstances.


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