California Taking Gender Fluidity To Strange New Level

The war against biological anatomy has come home to roost in liberal California, and a new statewide change will leave you scratching your head.

Spurred on by former President Barack Obama’s strange, late-term obsession with the non-binary gender movement in America, California could soon be headed into government-approved lunacy on the subject.

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Obama, who infamously threatened our nation’s public schools with a loss of funding should they not allow anyone to use any bathroom at any time, has given a false sense of reality to fringe leftist groups who are attempting to create a movement based on the idea of auxiliary genders.  Of course, the one state where this bizarre aberration of science could be allowed to fester is the liberal stronghold of California, where all strange ideas are given a shot – whether they’re based on facts or not.

“A bill under consideration in California would place a third gender option on state documents — which, if it passes would make California the first state in the country to do so.

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“The effort, however, is not being pushed by the ‘transgender movement,’ but rather by people who are biologically neither male nor female — or, alternatively, both.

 “According to a report by Sacramento’s local CBS affiliate (CBS13), it all started last year in New York:  ‘Sara Kelly Keenan made international headlines last year when New York City issued her the first ever birth certificate with an “intersex” classification in the gender field, instead of male or female.’

“‘My body looks quite different from other women,’ Keenan told CBS 13, who uses “she” as a pronoun.

“Keenan says she was born intersex — having male genes, with female genitalia and mixed internal reproductive organs. Keenan kept her story secret for most of her life, but now that she is legally recognized, she wants to help others who feel they are neither man nor woman, but ‘non binary.’”

What many are failing to understand about this latest push to reclassify Americans in increasingly convoluted ways, is that no one was really asking for it.  The transgender community was not falling victim to a widespread resistance to their lifestyle before last year’s liberal fracas on the subject.  If anything, the new found attention being thrown toward the fringe group has caused more harm than good.

We must remember that all men are created equal, and by “men”, we mean everyone.  Our Constitution guarantees that you will be give equal opportunities in this nation.  What the left is attempting, however, is not pushing inherent equality.  Rather, they are proposing an agenda in which every American is propped up to the success of other Americans, rather than being given the opportunity to succeed.

This dangerous perversion of equality has helped groups on the extreme fringes of leftist society to demand that the government accommodate them, as they identify as whatever it is that provides them with the most subsidized success in our nation.  For the liberals, there is greatness from hard work, or there is the shortcut of asking the government to recognize you as a special snowflake who deserves whatever they can hand you.


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