California Speaker Vows to Defy America’s Immigration Laws

California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon took the occasion of the swearing in of newly elected officials on Monday to defy the incoming Trump Administration and vow not to allow the enforcement of immigration laws.

Rendon flat out rejected calls for national unity, echoing the general feeling of California liberals that the proper response to losing an election is to burn the house down.

According to his prepared remarks given to the press, Rendon said, “Californians should be wary of the national calls for unity and healing. Unity must be separated from complicity. And we must be defiant whenever justice, fairness, and righteousness require.

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“Californians do not need healing. We need to fight.”

He then compared Donald Trump to World War II, saying Trump poses an “existential threat.

One supposes he is referring to the threat posed by Nazism to freedom, rather than the threat posed to Nazism by the Allied forces. The latter actually would be a more apt description of the “threat” Trump may pose to California liberalism, which has held the state in its corrupt fascist grip for years.

But like a habitual pot smoker who swears that marijuana has not negatively affected his cognitive abilities, California voters just keep returning to the party that has turned a formerly wealthy, innovative state into The People’s Republic, East Pacific Branch.

So when the Trump asteroid hit, the impact wave was especially pronounced in California, with weeping liberals running blindly into the streets, soiled diapers flapping in the breeze.

Rendon ticked off the usual litany of charges used by liberals to disparage Trump, including “white nationalism” and “anti-Semitism,” a particularly interesting charge from the party that is considering making anti-Jewish, radical Muslim socialist Keith Ellison its next leader.

Not to be outdone, Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, on Monday warned that the United States dare not walk away from the climate change agenda.

“The science is clear and the consequences are dire,” Moonbeam said. “So, based on those two facts, I think Washington will come around. To the extent they don’t, we are going to be pushing as hard as we can from California.”

Rendon vowed that the Democrats would look out for the state’s interests, at least as liberals see them.

“It is increasingly apparent that those interests will not be a concern for the next president — for the bullies, bigots, and billionaires he has chosen for his cabinet — or for the majority in Congress that is already salivating at the prospect of ending Medicare,” he said.

With The Donald considering turning off the federal money spigot to states and cities that don’t enforce federal laws, there could be some serious consequences for Californians if their so-called leaders decide to try to start a civil war and split from the Union.

Clearly, having had their agenda shot down nationally, the Progressives have not learned their lesson and plan to regroup in their Batcave in Sacramento.

You have to wonder just how far Rendon and the rest of the liberals are willing to follow the siren call of their own stupidity.

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