California Set to Openly Defy President on Immigration, Setting Up Showdown


One of the basic tenets of a free and prosperous society is the ability to maintain control over their borders, including the people and the products that are able to cross.

You see, in a nation where open borders are the norm, there is no way for the country to maintain a sense of sovereignty.  Without that sovereignty, the nation itself begins a process of dilution in which the systems being utilized to monitor the health of the country’s economy and national defense are systematically cheated.  That means that these nations are then subjected to a terrifying reality of being unable to balance the checkbook, so to speak, by measuring the economy against the population.

There are several reasons why illegal immigration is the bane of this process of checks and balances.  First, illegal immigrants are not appearing correctly in our accounting of populations.  In border states and sanctuary cities, the sheer volume of immigrants who are undocumented will falsely unweight the entire economic system.

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Secondly, it has been proven time and again that American money is leaving our nation and heading to Mexico in droves, with no way for our economy to truly track it.  Some of this money is being sent home, to a waiting family, and simply disappears from the American economy.  Other stacks of cash are finding their way south of the border due to an increased influx of illegal drugs into America at the hands of ruthless, violent, and downright evil drug cartel kingpins who have been preying on Americans for decades.

Now, as President Donald Trump does his damnedest to curb the threats we face due to illegal immigration and a less than ideal border security system, he is being openly defied by cities and states that have designated themselves as “sanctuaries” for these illegal immigrants.  California, being the liberal stalwart that it is, has joined the lunatic liberal resistance against the President, setting up what could be a legal battle for the ages.

“California sent a strong message on Monday when it voted to shut down state and local cooperation with the federal government on immigration enforcement.

“That message: We care about illegal aliens more than we care about our tax-paying American (and Californian) citizens.

“Senate Bill 54 makes the entire state a ‘sanctuary’ by barring state and local law enforcement agencies from using any money, or for that matter any facility, property, equipment or personnel, to aid the federal government with its job of immigration enforcement. Under the bill, state and local authorities would be banned from asking about immigration status, giving federal immigration authorities access to interview a person in custody, or helping them in any way enforce immigration laws.

“The bill sets aside at least $12 million in taxpayer money to pay lawyers for immigrants facing deportation.”

California has been on the outside looking in to America for some time.  Their mindset is so far to the left of America’s true center that the state itself has spent a considerable amount of time and resources examining the possibility of secession from the United States altogether.

Perhaps Mexico will annex the Bear Republic, should they decide to ditch the U.S.

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