Is the California Secession Effort Being Run From Russia?

So how’s this for irony? Liberals in California, the heart of the Left Coast, are agitating to secede from the Union.

The stated reason for wanting to take their ball and go home is because their candidate, Hillary Clinton (aka Al Capone in a dress), lost the recent election, she claims, due to “fake news” sponsored by Russia.

That “fake news” was populated by discoveries hidden inside her and her staff’s emails, either from her campaign or from her time as secretary of state. These emails were hacked by Russia (even though many were released by the FBI and through FOIA requests), Clinton and other leftists claim, in order to manipulate the election outcome.

By this theory, Donald Trump is a pawn of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Republicans are just useful idiots for the Russian strongman.

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So, all because of the Russians, California liberals want to secede in a movement dubbed #CalExit. And the leader of that secession movement lives in …


Yekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth largest city, to be exact.

Louis Marinelli is a U.S. citizen, but he lives near the Ural Mountains because he’s married to a Russian woman. (It’s always about a girl, isn’t it?) She’s having trouble getting permission to emigrate to the United States — apparently she’s following the rules, rather than just swimming the Rio Grande — so Marinelli is an expatriate for the time being.

But that hasn’t kept him from running Yes California, the leading group trying to put secession on the ballot, or from working to establish a California embassy in Russia.

Marinelli has a list of Progressive wishes he hopes to make come true (gun control, socialized health care, letting illegal immigrants vote, shutting down the military, etc.), but he thinks that’s only likely to happen if California is an independent nation. “I felt that we would be able to achieve things like immigration reform here, give a legal status to undocumented immigrants, do all the other Progressive things that I came to support,” he said.

Here’s the really funny part.

He’s getting help from a Kremlin-approved anti-American group called the Anti-Globalist Movement of Russia.

Maybe California liberals whining about Russia defeating the Spider Woman, then winding up working as Russian patsies to tear apart the U.S., isn’t so much irony as it is simple inevitability.

Birds of a feather, after all. …

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