California Rocked By Elementary School Shooting By “Crazy” Local

Tragic news out is trickling out of Northern California on Tuesday as a “crazy” gunman opened fire near an elementary school as children were just arriving for class.

Authorities are extremely busy in the case, investing as many as five separate crime scenes in the incident after shooting and killing the apparent gunman.

The school, Rancho Tehama Elementary, has reported injuries from the incident, but thankfully no fatalities.  At least 4 other victims, not associated with the school, weren’t as lucky.

Local residents were quick to point out some information regarding the shooter, mentioning that his mental state may not have been the most intact in recent years.

“Brian Flint told Record Searchlight newspaper after the incident that his neighbor, who he only identified as Kevin, was the gunman in Tuesday’s deadly shooting. Flint claimed the Kevin was acting ‘crazy,’ threatening him and his roommate before stealing his truck.

“Flint said his neighbor had been shooting ‘hundreds of rounds’ from large magazines.

“Witnesses at the school described multiple rounds being fired. Coy Ferreira told KRCR he was dropping off his daughter at the school just before 8 a.m. when he heard a firecracker-like sound. The school’s secretary then ran out and told children to go inside because there was an active shooter. Ferreira added he ended up in a classroom with 14 students and witnessed a boy being struck by bullets.

“Jeanine Quist, an administrative assistant with the Corning Union Elementary School District, said no one was killed at the school but a ‘number’ of students were shot and wounded.”

Given other recent incidents in America, it is fairly obvious that further details will be forthcoming in the case, and a likely motive in the incident may not be available for some time.

Surely, the left will use this incident in their never-ending quest to outlaw firearms in our nation, once again tugging on the heart strings of America and overstating the obvious to a political end.

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