California Pastor Unmasks the True Evil in Charlottesville says “No one Tolerates White Supremacists”

John MacArthur is the Pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, and he was a Christian soldier in the fight for Civil Rights back in the 1960’s.

This past week he was asked to comment on the recent happenings in Charlottesville, Virginia and what followed was a repudiation of racism, an unmasking of the true evil we saw in Charlottesville, and a reminder that so much has changed in America over the last 50-60 years.

“The human heart is desperately wicked. The human heart is hostile towards God, and self-centered, and proud, and selfish, and angry. What Charlottesville simply demonstrates is that fallen humanity is corrupt. All I see in that is the justification of anger. Look, that’s not about slavery. That’s not about something that happened 200 years ago. That’s an opportunity for angry, hostile, self-willed, selfish people to explode and feel good about it. Because they can get away with it when  there’s enough of them, too many of them to stop.”

Pastor MacArthur went on to explain that this is a very different country than the one the Civil Rights leaders faced some 60 years ago. While white supremacy and bigotry were part of the culture back then, “No one tolerates white supremacists,” anymore. He explained the difference between what he saw as a young civil rights warrior back in the 60’s and what is now common around the country.

“That’s not what’s going on there in Charlottesville or any of these other demonstrations,” MacArthur said. “This is the wretched fallen human heart feeling like it can rise to any level that is not completely controlled.”

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Today the vast majority of Americans see white supremacists as the evil, backwards, and intolerable force that they are.

What is happening in America today isn’t actually about “white supremacy” it’s about the evil that resides in all men’s hearts…

During a Q&A this past Sunday evening (8/20), John MacArthur was asked about the recent protests and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. His answer provided a biblical perspective that has been largely absent from the public discussion about Charlottesville, even in Christian circles. We trust you’ll be encouraged by what he had to say.

This short explanation of the truth of what is happening in the nation today is a must see: 🇺🇸

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