California National Guard is Intentionally Hurting Soldiers

The California National Guard is an arm of west coast fascism.

The state of California is over-run with liberals. Consequently, the state of California freely picks the pocket of anyone they choose. In conclusion,  it’s fascism at its worst. The California National Guard is taking the orders from the goose-stepping fascists that control California.

The California National Guard enticed thousands of soldiers with bonuses of $15,000 or more to reenlist and go to war.

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Now the Pentagon is demanding the money back.

Nearly 10,000 soldiers, many of whom served multiple combat tours, have been ordered to repay large enlistment bonuses — and slapped with interest charges, wage garnishments and tax liens if they refuse — after audits revealed widespread over payments by the California Guard at the height of the wars last decade.

Investigations have determined that lack of oversight allowed for widespread fraud and mismanagement by California Guard officials under pressure to meet enlistment targets.

The Pentagon hand picked The California National Guard.

Instinctively, they know California commies wouldn’t fight them. Unfortunately, liberal domination of California spells doom for soldiers. They don’t have a voice with the marxists that run California. When liberals are given unlimited power, their appetite for control and power is endless. They don’t need a reason to punish you. Democrats and liberals have always hated the military with a passion. They will do whatever it takes to drive good men and women from its ranks. The desire of the left is infiltrate the military with like minded American hating fascists like themselves. The left takes enormous delight in harming military men and women. This enormous power grab from the pentagon and the compliant California national Guard is what fasicsm looks like.

The California National Guard story is about destroying everything that makes America great.

The US Military is made up of the finest men and women you will ever meet. Obviously, their character is impeccable. Their desire to serve and pay the ultimate price for our freedom is recognized. The California National Guard is controlled by Marxists in California government. These people are looking for opportunities to transform America into their own image. They are more interested in taxpayers’ coughing up money for sex change operations than reward patriots for their service.

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