California Looking to Install Travel Ban to Discriminate Against Conservatives

To find the most egregious examples of liberal bigotry and New Fascism, one must look only as far as the west coast of the United States.

As America’s leftist hate mongers continue to rain down their deplorable vitriol on President Donald Trump and the conservative republicans who he is leading to victory after victory, the rest of the nation is beginning to recognize their madness.  Not only have these liberals been pushing a modern segregationist movement on the rest of the nation, but they have been violently opposing conservative principles such as free speech and freedom of religion in disgusting fashion.

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Nowhere has this disgusting practice been more apparent than in the liberal stronghold of California; a state known for their ridiculous leftist antics and violent opposition to all things conservative.  Now, the bluest of blue states is taking their nonsense a step further, and robbing the students of the state of much more than just a quality education.

“After months of preparing to go to college, the excitement of an acceptance into a university they picked was just squelched with the passing of the state’s new travel ban. ‘Students that have prepared for months to make presentations of their research have been told to cancel their plans,’ Phyllis Schlafley Eagles reported. This applies to all students going to school in states that oppose gay rights, as well as athletes in those states who want to compete in California. Whether coming or going, it can now no longer happen under the new ban, according to the LA Times.

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“’While liberals around the country were busy complaining about President Trump’s travel ban that sought to stop the onslaught of outrageous aggression, the liberals in California made their own travel ban against religious expression. According to a new California law, public universities are no longer allowed to send students to states that oppose gay rights,’ PSE blog wrote. ‘Athletes have been told not to expect any games with rivaling teams from states like Tennessee, Kansas, or North Carolina. The logic is that California doesn’t want taxpayer dollars going to states that hold conservative, pro-family principles.’”

The constitutional and moral issues stemming from this travel ban are many and varied.

First, we must consider the affront to the freedom of religion that this travel ban represents.  In states such as Tennessee and North Carolina, where religious opposition to specific legal maneuvers could be considered “anti-gay”, this travel ban will not only deprive California students of the competitive sports opportunities they have earned in conservative states, but it also reinforces a terrifying acceptance of the omission of opinions that do not match your own.  California’s students are quite literally being segregated from the rest of the nation by their own state legislature’s opposition to religious equality across the nation.

And, while it is no surprise that California has been far too willing to suppress the 1st Amendment in recent months, this latest ruling will simply reiterate that horrific trend.  By devaluing the opinions of others by virtually boycotting entire states, California is telling the rest of the nation that their opinions and morals are more important than anyone else’s.


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