California Lawmaker Admits He Was Aiming At Christian Schools

Many times we feel as though we should do something about what we perceive as injustice. But, we find that attacking the group we believe is responsible is not popular. We do not want people to rally to their defense, so we do things to harm them indirectly.

This is the case with many individuals and the Church and her organizations. People wish that they could make the church do what they want. It is not that they are opposed to the church or even its message, but they do not like its stance in this area or that area.

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And there is finally a lawmaker confessing to feeling this way.

Christian News reports

A California lawmaker has altered a controversial bill that once permitted homosexual and transgender students to sue their Christian college or university if they believe that they were discriminated against because of their personal lives.

This bill will make schools in California announce or notify both current and potential students if they have applied for an exemption from Title IX. Title IX bans discrimination against someone on the basis of their gender.

But, based on the understanding or lack thereof by the Obama administration of Title IX, many Christian schools have begun to apply for the exemption. They wish to ensure that they are not going to face a battle over which bathroom a student is allowed to use. And this lawmaker has all but said that these are the people that he was targeting.

Christian News continues

“I don’t want to just rush a bill that’s going to have unintended consequences, so I want to take a break to really study this issue further,” he (Sen. Ricardo Lara) told the Los Angeles Times. “The goal for me has always been to shed the light on the appalling and unacceptable discrimination against LGBT students at these private religious institutions throughout California.”

In other words, it is the practice of those of faith that he feels needs to be exposed. He wishes not just to expose it, but most likely stop these actions. He wants to stop it because it seems unjust to him. But, we must ask: why is Sen. Lara so intolerant?

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