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California Law Demands Gun Owners Forfeit Certain Equipment on July 1st

California is notorious for ignoring four magical words that have forever been tethered to the 2nd Amendment:  Shall not be infringed.

It is the western empire’s modus operandi, after all, creating a safe haven for liberal thoughts and attitudes with no concern for the rights instilled to us by our founding fathers.  It’s common in California to see gravely dangerous legislation go from bad idea to terrible truth in a matter of months, but when it comes to the idea that gun owners will be asked to forfeit parts of their collection within days, you can bet that there will be a great deal of opposition.

In this particular case, Californians who own magazines capable of containing more than ten rounds will be asked to legally abandon that equipment by turning it in to the state.

“Sweeping new gun laws passed last year by California voters and legislators require those with magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition to get rid of them by July 1.

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“The question is: How many of California’s 6 million-plus gun owners are actually going to comply, even though violators face potential jail time if they’re caught?

“Talk to gun owners, retailers and pro-gun sheriffs across California and you’ll get something akin to an eye roll when they’re asked if gun owners are going to voluntarily part with their property because Democratic politicians and voters who favor gun control outnumber them and changed the law.

“In conservative, pro-gun Redding this week, Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko joked that gun owners were lining the block to hand their magazines in to the sheriff’s office (In reality, no one has turned one in). He said his deputies won’t be aggressively hunting for large-capacity magazines starting next month.

“’We’re not going to be knocking on anybody’s door looking for them,’ Bosenko said. ‘We’re essentially making law-abiding citizens into criminals with this new law.’”

Worse yet, the wording contained within the legislation provides absolutely no funds to make sure that these gun owners are made whole after they surrender this sometimes expensive equipment.
In recent years, the left has been working overtime to change the layman’s perception of the 2nd Amendment.  All to often, we are hearing democratic lawmakers refer to “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines as something that should remain only a tool of our military, and that these forms of firearm are not necessary for hunting or home defense.  The truth of the matter is, very literally, that the 2nd Amendment in intended to provide We The People with the ultimate “get out of government free” card, and that our weaponry must be capable of competing with the U.S. military equipment should the need to depose a tyrannical threat to our way of life emerge.


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