California Kid Does The Unthinkable To Veterans’ Graves

As the nation finds itself cast into a sea of reckless, liberal tumult this Independence Day weekend, one young man in California is charging headfirst into the fray.

Earlier this week, authorities were extremely concerned with the possibility of radical leftist action at the Gettysburg memorial in Pennsylvania, as so-called “antifa” militants were said to be planning a massive desecration of Confederate graves.  While, thankfully, this panned out to be of little consequence, there is a young man in the liberal stronghold of California who is taking action at the site of a great many veterans’ graves, and you won’t believe what he is doing.

“A 12-year-old boy in California was disheartened when he visited his grandfather’s grave on Veterans Day two years ago. The graveyard was devoid of flags or flowers on any of the veterans’ headstones.

“So, Preston Sharp of Redding, Calif., decided to take action.

“He set a goal for all of the veterans’ headstones at McDonald’s Chapel in Redding Memorial Park: each would be recognized with a flag and a flower.

“But that goal quickly expanded to include the deceased veterans buried at other cemeteries in surrounding counties.

“So Sharp created a GoFundMe page for help in reaching his goal. As of May 2017, according to the fundraiser’s page, Sharp ‘organized the placement of more than 17,500 flags and flowers at cemeteries across Northern California.’

“So far, Sharp has raised $30,305 of his $500,000 goal.”

Sharp’s actions are inspiring and profound this holiday weekend, given the increasingly chaotic political climate in recent months.

California, which has long been known for its unkempt and uncouth leftist radicalization, has come under fire during the fledgling Trump presidency for the ridiculous “resistance” that has occurred there.  Besides the looming threat of secession from the United States due to the republican leadership of the nation, California was also the site of the New Fascist riots in February in which leftist college students at UC Berkeley took to the streets, committing arson and creating millions of dollars in damage simply to cancel a speaking engagement by conservative author Milo Yiannopolous.

Preston Sharp, however, provides a small sliver of hope for the western wasteland.

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