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Only In California: College Professor Says “Trump Must Hang”

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The vitriol of the left has been astoundingly absurd in the first 80-some days of Donald Trump’s presidency, each day rife with new shots glancing across the Commander in Chief’s bow.

While the digs and insults have been occurring since long before Trump took the oath of office, (the campaign of 2016 was a ridiculous farce in terms of media coverage from the mainstream), there has been a marked increase in the anger and venom contained in the thinly veiled threats of the liberals.

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Trump has also convinced the marginally sane of America to act out in unprecedented ways.  Death threats, White House Fence Jumpers, and celebrity meltdowns are just a few of the symptoms of this liberal illness.  Now, you can add one California-based college professor to the list of those who have crossed the decency line in their hatred of the President.

“A California State University, Fresno professor who recently tweeted about executing Republicans has followed up by suggesting that Donald Trump should be sentenced to death.

“Professor Lars Maischak tweeted on Sunday that he is ‘convinced, given the nature of his regime, that [Trump] will be held accountable for his crimes in a court…and that historical precedent suggests that a death sentence is inevitable, if democracy prevails.’

“The American history professor had already come under fire during the previous weekend for an earlier tweet that he made claiming that ‘Justice = The execution of two Republicans for each deported immigrant.’

“’I do not intend to harm Mr. Trump, nor do I wish for anyone else to harm Mr. Trump by way of an assassination!’ Maischak subsequently clarified. ‘I am, however, convinced, given the nature of his regime, that he will be held accountable for his crimes in a court, and that historical precedent suggests that a death sentence is inevitable, if democracy prevails.’”

This new, violent approach to the highest office in the world is an unsettling reminder that the leftists and globalists that surround us are no longer bound by the decorum that conservatives work to uphold.  Their tactics will change with their aggressive vitriol, creating an ultimately precarious powder keg of propaganda.

The least surprising tidbit of the entire situation is that this professor is based in the liberal stronghold of California – a state so blue that it has begun threatening to secede from the United States.

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