California City Besieged By Filth Has Tourists Asking Tough Questions

California needs America’s help, but I highly doubt that the liberal leftist leaders of the Golden State are at all inclined to reach out to us for a hand.

This west coast haven for liberal ideology has nearly become a caricature of itself in 2018, as their vehement “resistance” to President Donald Trump has created a frenzy of anti-GOP action within the state.  The fervor has been so intense at times that the state’s democratic voters have turned to attacking the Constitution in order to disparage their political rivals, most notably in Berkeley where a series of protests on the University of California Campus have turned violent.

The ensuing riots were in response to the scheduled appearance of gay conservative author Milo Yiannopolous, and effectively negated his right to free speech by creating a situation too dangerous for campus police to handle.  Similar tactics were used to silence Ann Coulter, twice, and were nearly successful in stifling Ben Shapiro, whose engagements on the liberal campus were relegated to a smaller venue with far, far less lead time for protests to be organized.

Meanwhile, California has been experimenting with a “do whatever you want” attitude within their cities, with officials allowing “sanctuaries” to develop for illegal immigrants, the homeless, and those hopelessly addicted to narcotics.  This has led to a layer of filth in some of the nation’s most visited cities, with social media users being forced to ask some embarrassing questions.

Since the beginning of the year, reports have surfaced of hypodermic needles dotting the streets, piles of human feces and expanding shanty towns for the increasing homeless population — and now tourists are noticing, SFGate reported.

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“Is this normal or am I in a ‘bad part of town?’” an Australian Reddit user asked the San Francisco Reddit community Wednesday.

“Why is this city so terrifying?” a Canadian visitor asked on Reddit Sunday.

Because California  is run by liberal lunatics?

“I’ve never seen any other city like this — the homelessness, dirty streets, drug use on the streets, smash-and-grabs,” Joe D’Alessandro, president of S.F. Travel told the San Francisco Chronicle in April.

“You see things on the streets that are just not humane,” Kevin Carroll, executive director of the Hotel Council of San Francisco, also told the paper. “People come into hotels saying, ‘What is going on out there?’ They’re just shocked.”

The city’s voting citizens are also grappling with the crises plaguing their streets in addition to their rising costs as they prepare to elect a new state governor in November.

California’s troubles are manifesting themselves in strange new ways in 2018 as well, with a proposed ballot measure coming to the Golden State in November that would absolve a great many Californians from the democratic stranglehold of their beach-community population disparity by splitting the state into three.

Perhaps then tourists will be able to advise their colleagues about which California they should visit.

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