California Business Owner Uses Nazi Chic to Insult Commander in Chief

At one point, in the not so distant past, left-leaning Americans maintained a certain specter of decorum and class, but those days are long gone.

In the age of President Trump, those who oppose the republican party and their conservative base have gone completely off the deep end of decency, resorting to vile and unethical attacks to demean and delegitimize the American President – a man, and an office, that was once held in high regard, no matter who was sitting in the Oval Office.

Thanks to the “resistance”, however, the tact of the politically liberal has been flushed down the same drain that President Trump hopes to send the Washington swamp into.  We have seen incredibly immoral displays of violence, bigotry, and hatred directed at our nation’s highest office, all thanks to the mainstream media’s constant goading and provocation.  CNN personality Kathy Griffin broke Hell loose on her own by releasing photographs of the has-been comedienne participating in a mock beheading of President Trump earlier this year; an event that led to massive bouts of anti-conservative violence from unhinged radical leftists such as James T. Hodgkinson and possibly even Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock.

Now, in yet another instance of completely abhorrent behavior, one shop owner in California is turning to the absurd in an attempt to insult the President, and the conservative majority of her hometown.

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“A fashion store in a small, conservative California town put up a billboard on Wednesday afternoon that compares President Donald Trump to Hitler — and you can imagine how well that went.

“Rouse & Revolt owner Nicholle Lewis told Newsweek that she didn’t sleep much last night. Her phone wouldn’t stop going off with the persistent buzzing of death threats for her sign, which stylizes the number 45 into a swastika and features Trump posed in a Hitler-esque stance.

“’I’m living in a small, podunk red town and I’m already getting death threats,’ said Lewis, whose store is in right-leaning Chico, population 90,000. ‘My business has completely floundered. Overnight I had more one-star reviews than all the reviews I’ve received in a year.’

“The sign was up for less than 24 hours before Stott Outdoor Advertising took it down amid a backlash that featured online attacks.

“’WOW you have some cute clothing,’ someone posted on the store’s Facebook page. ‘I never heard of your business until you put up your poster board. I would never support your business because clearly you are a divider and a hater.'”

This is not the first time that the left has turned to Hitler imagery in an attempt to push their politically inept theories on the nation, and it certainly will not be the last.

As the radical left continues to blossom, their rhetoric has jumped the shark – at least in terms of the fascism that they claim to stand against, and their promotion of Hitler-esque imagery becomes oxymoronic because of itself.  By insinuating that the President is somehow a fascist, but then refusing to allow the freedom of speech to exist for those that you politically disagree with, would be highly entertaining if it weren’t so sad.

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