California Burning: 1,500 Structures Gone, At Least Ten Dead

In the last month, North America has experience its fair share of natural disasters, with multiple hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic rumblings taking center stage.

The Gulf Coast has been inundated with wind and water, as both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Nate swept into the south’s most prestigious beaches just weeks apart.  Hurricane Irma smashed through Florida and Georgia in the meantime, causing millions to lose power.

Our southern neighbors in Mexico have been at the whim of Mother Nature as well, experiencing two deadly and enormously powerful earthquakes in recent days, prompting the U.S. to send rescue and recovery specialists to the region to assist.

Puerto Rico was absolutely annihilated by the aforementioned Hurricane Nate as well, with 100% of the power to the island being incapacitated for days after the storm.  The complicated recovery effort became political fodder for the heartless democrats, who exploited the pain and suffering to, once again, baselessly attack the President.

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Now, Northern California is going up in flames quite literally, with gargantuan wildfires sweeping across the region at speeds that have stymied any and all efforts by local fire crews to get the blazes under control.

“At this moment, an enormous ‘firestorm’ is consuming tens of thousands of acres in eight counties in northern California. Wind gusts of up to 50 mph are rapidly driving 15 large wildfires across Napa, Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, Yuba, Nevada, Calaveras and Butte counties, and the devastation that is taking place is being described as ‘like Armageddon’.  Ultimately, it looks like this is going to be one of the worst months for wildfires in the history of the state, and all of this comes on the heels of Hurricane HarveyHurricane Irma and the Las Vegas shooting.  Ever since late August, it seems like all hell has broken loose in America.

“So far at least 1,500 structures have been destroyed, at least 20,000 people have been evacuated and at least 73,000 acres have been burned.  The smell of smoke has reached San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco, and California Governor Jerry Brown has officially declared a state of emergency.

“If these wildfires were just consuming isolated parts of northern California, this wouldn’t be such a big story.  The reason why this crisis is getting so much attention from the national media is because some of these fires are raging ‘unchecked through high-end resorts, grocery stores and tree-lined neighborhoods’…”

The speed at which the fires are spreading has created a challenge that firefighters have so far been unable to solve.

Among the areas affected are huge swaths of California wine country, with vineyards and wineries being reduced to smoldering rubble in the wake of the swiftly spreading fires.  At this time, there looks to be no reprieve in the current forecast, leaving a great many Americans in the area to only speculate about what will be left when they return home.

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