State Rep Devises Way to Guarantee No Republican Will Ever Win Office in California Again

The California “liberals” are at it again, proving what a bunch of liars they are with a new initiative in the name of “greater democracy” when it would make Mussolini blush.   We have to give these people credit and only wonder how long they stay up at night, what they eat, drink and smoke to come up with these tricks as this one is a doozy.  Enough of the tease that is so much the style of Internet pieces; we are only trying to honor the medium.

The general rule for primary elections is that you can only vote only for people in the party to which you are registered unless your state is otherwise.  Some states have “open” primaries, but they are not popular with political parties that apparently want to have more control in spite of the fact open primaries would be better predictors, produce more information and let them fine-tune their messages. They apparently make too much sense and would have had an effect on the recent California primary as so many voters were unhappy with the offerings of either party.  The crossover moves are going to be complicated and unpredictable.

The “Green” party, “Peace and Freedom” and whatever else we have in California the ballots are a mess and where so many of these off-the-wall groups look attractive out-of-season they are frustrating when you are looking at a Clinton-Trump main event and told you cannot get a ticket.  An open primary would solve the problem, but our nimble noggin Democrats saw an evil opportunity in this mess.

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Now they are floating a ballot measure that will appear to be an open primary, but give the prize to the top two vote-getters with no party affiliation requirement.  In California, there are many more Democrats than Republicans, as they promise everything but free suckers and never deliver, but our voters seem not to notice. Perhaps we get too much sunshine, ozone or something…

California Assembly member Adam Gray (D-Merced) and the Independent Voter Project jointly announced introduction of a state Constitutional Amendment to create a nonpartisan Presidential ballot so that all California voters have an opportunity to cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice, regardless of their political affiliation, in taxpayer-funded presidential primaries.

shutterstock_274065470“When voters fill out their ballot they expect to be able to vote for their candidate of choice, regardless of political party. While voters have that right in every other state and federal election, their choices are artificially limited when voting for President of the United States,” Gray declared, “My legislation fixes that problem, providing voters the right to vote for whichever candidate they prefer,” but here’s the sneaker under the covers…

California has so many more Democrats than Republicans the top two vote getters would be Democrats every time!  We would never see another Republican US Senator or Representative from California until the end of time if this amendment to the California Constitution passes!  The Democrats promise everything, deliver little, pile up debt, even where illegal, as in California and steal the people blind in shady land deals, contract kickbacks and just plain bureau squandering.

We have only recently exposed the trick they have been pulling of giving Republicans “Provisional” ballots, which they do not have to count unless the election goes into dispute. That will never happen if they repress even 10% of the Republican votes.  Add the cemetery and illegal alien votes, and it is no wonder California is terminally Democrat.  It will take much more than “The Big One” earthquake to change California, and especially now that the businessmen are all moving to Texas.  They tend to all be Republicans and now are making the only legal protest they can make, leave.

The Democrats have been very successful at getting their people in election management positions where they could pull tricks like the provisional ballot for Republicans, but the practice has been exposed and is now said not to be happening, but read your ballot in California.  Somewhere it may say “Provisional.”  There is an active movement afoot to eliminate all California Republicans

Over 18,000 California voters signed a petition in support of the bill for this legislation, but the resolution died in the Assembly Elections Committee early in this year when the leaders got cold feet.  The bill was apparently just too obvious even for this bunch of scoundrels.

It is claimed this new Constitutional amendment would resolve a number of significant issues related to voting rights and election administration, including: (1) Instead of separate ballots with different rules for each party, the state would issue one ballot listing all the candidates. (2) Every voter gets to vote for the candidate of their choice, regardless of party affiliation. (3) Independent candidates can participate for the first time, and  (4) Political parties get to choose whether to count the votes of non-members, adding, “If political parties want to write the rules then they should pay for the primary elections themselves instead of asking taxpayers to foot the bill.”

Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!  Where Democrats so greatly outnumber Republicans, and everyone else in the California electorate, no other party would ever see the light of day in elections.  All would fade away in three or four election cycles. Somehow you get the feeling that they built the California Democratic Party for all the guys who miss the banana republics from whence they came so the game now is “kill all California Republicans.”


Adrian Vance

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