California AB 2943: a dangerous bill, cloaked in the guise of protection and kindness

California AB 2943 is a dangerous bill, cloaked in the guise of protection and kindness.

It seeks to protect the LGBTQ community, but ultimately undermines the very Constitution that was written to protect them.

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This bill sounds like a protection of the people. It is not.

With AB2943, California has deemed that the rights of the people set forth by our Constitution are null and void. It is a misinformed bill and it will do significant damage. It infringes on every bit of our First Amendment rights.

By allowing this to pass, for example, it tells Californians:

  • ANY book that discusses or suggests that there is a way to heal from same-sex attraction would not be allowed
  • Any school, college or church that teaches against homosexuality could be sued
  • Any LBGTQ individual that wants to address this issue in any way (other than to accept it) would not be able to find a clinician or pastor in their state that would be allowed to help them

It infringes on the rights of those who have a Biblical worldview by telling them that they are not legally allowed to share their view. While the bill does not speak specifically to the Bible, it does so underhandedly. Since the Bible does speak against homosexual activity, the government could easily use these words as fuel to make the Bible illegal.

When all is said and done, it is not the government’s job to tell the people what they can and cannot do in counseling. It is not their job to tell its citizens what they can and cannot read. Nor should they determine what should and should not be discussed in a church or professional function of any kind. It is also not the job of the state to fine those that want to read materials that do not match the state’s agenda.

This is a toxic and terrible thing for both California and for our country. It is imperative that those who love the Constitution stand up and fight.

Let me be clear. It is essential to love and respect the LGBTQ community. Each member of the community is valued, precious and loved. There is no life more, or less, precious than another, and it is incumbent upon all of us to love and respect all people. Whether we agree with them or not, love and respect are fundamentally important for all humans.

This bill, however, is not the way to love and respect. It is toxic and severe and harmful to its very core.

It is time to speak up and to say no. If you care about your freedom, make your voice known.

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