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Cali Judge Breaks With Liberal State, Rules In Favor of Religious Freedom

The funny thing about freedom is, either you have it, or you don’t.  In California, there are few in the judiciary who seem to understand this simple and cogent reality.

For decades, the leftist cabal that has lorded over the Bear Republic have refused allow their vision for a progressive America be tainted by the pesky concept of liberty, instead choosing to push a neo-Fascist ideology that shames those who refuse to comply with their nonsensical narrative.

When it comes to freedom, one of the most basic tenets of the concept is that of religious liberty, or, the opportunity inherent in America to follow your faith so long as you don’t cross over into legal malfeasance.  According to liberals, however, this religious liberty does not apply to Christians.

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One of the most famous incidents of this religious bigotry comes to us from California, where a Christian-owned bakery refused to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple, citing the owner’s beliefs on the subject of marriage…not her beliefs of homosexuality.

Of course, the left took this bit of religious choice as some form of “hate speech”, and began a campaign to not only force this business owner to do their bidding, but also to heap scorn and shame upon the bakery.  Now, after months of nonsensical hate flowing from the left, a judge in otherwise ultraliberal California has sided with American freedom.

“A Kern County judge on Monday night ruled in favor of the owner of Tastries Bakery, who the State of California argued in court engaged in unlawful discrimination when she decided not sell a custom wedding cake to a gay couple.

“A professing Christian, Cathy Miller says she will sell gay people anything else in her bakery, but will not be made to celebrate a ceremony her faith finds objectionable. Miller and her attorneys equate designing a custom cake with speech and say California compelling speech she doesn’t agree with violates her own constitutional rights.

“Kern County Judge David Lampe published an opinion Monday night that said in part that ‘the right to free speech under the First Amendment outweighs the state’s interest in ensuring a freely accessible marketplace.’

“The conflict began in August when a lesbian couple attempted to buy a wedding cake from Tastries, but was referred instead to a competing bakery. Miller told Eileen and Mireya Rodriguez-Del Rio she couldn’t complete their order because of her religious beliefs about marriage.”

Furthermore, Tastries has NEVER  disallowed homosexual customers in the store, noting that they’ve only drawn the line when it comes to wedding cakes due to Miller’s religious beliefs.

Another piece of information that seems to be missing from the left’s argument is the right of the business owner to refuse service to anyone, for any reason – something that the left believes may be less important than their own social justice street cred.


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