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Cali Cops Furious Over Life-Threatening Decision From State Government

You aren’t going to find any argument, from the right at least, that police officers have some of the most difficult jobs on the entire planet, especially in America.

The reason for this is the Second Amendment, and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the unique freedoms that we enjoy as Americans.  At any time, law enforcement officers could find themselves in a situation where their lives are in danger, and split second decisions must be made as how to proceed.

Of course, it is never anyone’s intention for an interaction with the police to end with gunfire, but by ignoring this reality, we deny ourselves a chance to govern righteously on the issue.  These police officers won’t have a second chance in many of these situations, so it is absolutely imperative that we give them the tools necessary to do their jobs.

When it comes to the use of deadly force, the issue gets rather murky thanks to the left’s insistence on injecting emotion into the argument.  Now, as Californians love to do, the Golden State looks to be capitulating to the bleeding heart liberals, and putting their own police officers in danger during the process.

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Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday advanced a proposal that would restrict the circumstances under which California police officers could use deadly force.

Assembly Bill 931, which would raise the standard for lethal use of force from “reasonable” to “necessary,” passed the Senate Public Safety Committee on an initial vote of 5-1.

It was the first hearing for the controversial measure, which has raised sharp objections from law enforcement groups that contend it would put officers’ lives in danger. Under the bill, deadly force could be justified only if there were no reasonable alternatives.

“We ask officers to run toward danger and sacrifice their safety,” Cory Salzillo of the California State Sheriffs’ Association said. It would be “unfair” to ask them to do so when an after-the-fact analysis might undermine their actions in the field, he added.

Should the legislation continue to move forward into reality, police officers in California will need to adjust their reactionary procedures in order to make sure that they don’t run afoul of this cockamamy statute.  This means spending more time deciding on whether or not to draw your weapon and fire…time that could allow a perpetrator to do the same.

In the case of mass violence or domestic terrorism, these precious few moments could mean the difference between safety and calamity for all involved.

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