Is CalExit Gaining Steam

For most the talk of the far-right about breaking away from America several years ago seem more like lunacy than a real possibility. They knew like we know today that such a step is drastic and uncalled for except in extreme and deadly circumstances.

But, there is a movement in California that is taking the notion very seriously. They have the idea that California would be better off as an independent nation. This idea has grown for many on the far-left because of the election of Donald Trump as POTUS.

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The Washington Times reports

California secessionists launched their CalExit signature-gathering drive Friday, riding a wave of momentum churned up by the inauguration of President Trump.

Organizers of the Yes California Independence Campaign posted on their website a downloadable online petition for volunteers circulators a day after the proposed ballot measure was cleared by the California Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

The committee has 180 days to collect at least 585,407 valid signatures to qualify the initiative for the November 2018 ballot.

If successful, Yes California seems to believe that the state could legally and peacefully leave the Union. This, of course, is a pipe dream. Not because California could not make it as a country, they have a lot going for them. California has the same problem all states have; they are married to a jealous husband.

In the late 1800’s several states tried to leave this husband, and as is the case with jealous husbands, he came after her. The beat down was vicious, and the reconciliation was lopsided. The scars remain.

South Carolina and those who followed paid a hefty price. Yes California should ask the former jewel of America, the South how divorcing America goes.

She still has not recovered.

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