Calexit Back on The Agenda as California Continues to Move Toward Secession

California, being the liberal haven that it is, loathes President Trump so emphatically that they are humoring yet another attempt at secession from the United States.

Nicknamed “Calexit”, a not so clever twist on the success of Britain’s escape from the globalist clutches of the European Union, the movement gained steam in a knee-jerk reaction by the liberals of the Bear Republic shortly after the election, and then the inauguration, of President Trump.  Given the incessant nature of the leftist regimes and their plans for wholesale radicalization, “Calexit” is back on the docket in California, as their Attorney General has allowed the measure to move on to the next legislative stage; the gathering of signatures.

“A new California independence campaign has got the go ahead to collect signatures for its 2018 ‘Calexit’ ballot initiative.

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“The state attorney general issued an official ballot measure title and summary, Tuesday.

California Freedom Coalition can now start gathering the more than 585,000 signatures needed to qualify for the 2018 ballot.

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“This is the second official bid to make California an independent nation in the wake of Trump’s election victory last November.

“Previous efforts by ‘Yes California’ ended in April after reports of Calexit affiliations with Russia undermined the campaign.

“The movement, which received state authorization to begin collecting signatures last year, opened an embassy in Moscow in December. It’s leader, Louis J. Marinell, specifically came under the spotlight for his connections to Russia.

“Separatist group California Freedom Coalition launched the same month with the support of Yes California’s former Vice President Marcus Ruiz Evans.”

It isn’t quite clear how much support the extreme measure will have as it approaches its possible place as a ballot initiative, but given the state’s consistent left-leaning bias, it would be no surprise if the secession crown had a real shot at impacting the 2018 election.

“Calexit” is simply another facet of the absurd liberal “resistance” to President Trump, concocted by anti-reality leftists who believe that opposing the President in every possible way is the most productive use of their political energy.  As many on the left have already realized, the “resistance” itself is nothing more than a tool of the democrats to push for the radicalization of their base.  The widespread use of defamatory imagery and language against the President in recent months has escalated into literal violence against the government in recent months, with a heinous rifle attack against congressional republicans nearly 6 weeks ago, carried out by radical leftists James T. Hodgkinson.


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