Bush Finally Breaks His Silence To Bash Trump

It becomes clear whose side someone is on once they begin to speak. They use trigger words and talking points. This is not uncommon on both the left and the right. Usually, we are not forced to listen for these things as we know their political affiliation before the interview starts.

This is becoming more difficult when it comes to so-called conservatives. It might be that we failed to listen, or maybe he fooled us, but one hero of the conservative movement has come out on the wrong side of the issues; again.

Breitbart reports

Former President George W. Bush is speaking out against President Donald Trump and his policy agenda.

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“I don’t like the racism and I don’t like the name-calling and I don’t like the people feeling alienated,” Bush said Monday in an interview published in People magazine.

Now this “cult hero” of the mindless blue dog Republicans had nothing to say during the Obama administration. Even while Obama was cooking up a socialist healthcare cocktail that was going to kill the middle class, nothing. Bush did not say boo while Obama tanked the war effort in Afghanistan.

What does this tell us about Bush?

What it tells us is that he is a part of the organized corruption that Trump claims he is going to drain from Washington D.C. Why else would he break his silence? And why lead with the leftist propaganda line about Trump being a racist?

The questions of immigration and illegal immigration are not going to be answered overnight. We know that our country is greatly benefited by the influx of immigrants. But, we are also significantly weighing down the debt of our nation through illegals receiving entitlement benefits and education.

All of this Trump has said was his main aim, getting rid of those who are here illegally. So while Bush had no real criticism of Obama’s policies he has come out in a harsh way in support of the establishment and against Trump.

I think that this should make all who believe that it is Right verse Left or Democrats verse Republicans rethink things.

Things are not what they seem at first flush.

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