Bernie Sanders

A Conversation With A Bernie Supporter on a College Campus

A walk through the middle of our local university campus is a little like walking through a [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] rally. Pro-Bernie messages written in chalk cover an area about three-quarters the size of a football field, with nary a Hillary or (pro-)Trump note to be seen.

(I won’t mention the name of the campus because I’ve had enough experiences with Liberals’ version of “diversity” to know that with two family members in college, I don’t want them to suffer the repercussions of embarrassing our institution of higher learning.)

Normally, I wouldn’t engage a student in political discussion because, frankly, America’s leaders of tomorrow are for the most part dumb as dirt, and I don’t need the depression. On this particular day, however, I was blissfully eating my lunch when a small gaggle of students converged nearby, clucking loudly over one of the pro-Bernie scrawlings, and one of the students happened to meet my gaze.

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“Free tuition sounds pretty good,” she offered, with a hint of a giggle.

“How’s it going to be free?” I asked, poking her safe space without pausing to think about it.

“Well, that’s what Bernie Sanders wants to do,” the young lady offered.

“So, you’re going to vote for Bernie because you’ll get free tuition?”

“Also, he’s against income equality, and he wants to make new jobs,” she said. She seemed to have sensed my skepticism by that point, but stood her ground like a good little Bernie bot.

“A living wage,” one of her friends offered.

“When Bernie’s president, the teachers will still get paid?” I asked.

“Yeah, they’ll probably get raises.”

“And the administrators, maintenance people, all the support people at the university — they’ll still get paid?”

“Uh huh.”

“And the utilities — the water and electric and such — those bills will still be paid.”

“Yeah …” I could see the look of a deer in headlights starting to creep over her face.

“Insurance? Stipends for visiting professors? All the stuff the university does now — all that will still be paid for?”

“Well …”

“But you won’t pay for tuition, books, lab materials, etc.?”

“Bernie Sanders says …”

“Yeah, yeah,” I waved away her response. “So where is all that money coming from to pay for all those things … under Bernie’s plan?”

“Well, he’ll make the rich pay their fair share. …”

“Right, put an end to income inequality …”

“Yes. …”

“By stealing all the money from people who’ve worked hard and been successful.”

I had her momentarily stunned, and pressed the advantage.

“So what you’re really saying is that you want to vote for Bernie Sanders because you favor an immoral government that would engage in theft from your fellow citizens, who just happen to be financially successful, and give you an unearned cut of the loot, making you an immoral thief by extension,” I said.

It was like a video game. The words “killing blow” were flashing over her head, so I went for it. I wagged my finger at her outfit, which was not super fancy but definitely came from some overpriced boutique. “That’s a nice ensemble, by the way. How much did you say your parents earn per year?”

The responses from the group of students ranged from one to two syllables, and none are fit to print, but at least the special snowflakes went away and I was able to finish my lunch in peace.

There are too many young people who are being seduced by the false promises of socialism and being taught to believe that they are so special that their rights should come before everyone else’s.

It’s up to conservative adults to teach the younger generation the realities of socialism, what it really stands for, what the results of its policies will be, and what its real history of failure has meant for millions of people in terms of tyranny, poverty, suffering and loss of freedom.

We have a lot of work to do before the election.

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