Burger and Fry Peddlers Demand “ABOLISH ICE” Uniform Allowances

For years, we have been inundated with the “fight for fifteen”, a cause that purports that the minimum wage in America should be raised to $15 per hour.

Of course, there are thousands of reason why this would be a catastrophic decision in our current economic situation, not the least of which involves the fact that we are suffering from constant and unstoppable inflation thanks to the central banking systems of the world, making the idea of inflating the value of this work simply another layer of unsustainable financial malfeasance, but that argument is for another day.

Today, these same organizations have a new and offense cause that they would like to get behind:  The abolishment of the department of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

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A fast-food workers’ union is demanding that employees of a Pacific Northwest-based burger chain be allowed to wear pins with phrases such as “Abolish ICE” and “No one is illegal.”

The workers’ union, the Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU), wrote a Facebook post Sunday calling Burgerville’s decision to ban employees from wearing political buttons “racist” and urged the fast-food chain to work with the union to allow employees to sport politically-charged buttons while working on their shifts.

“Some of our employees have been wearing buttons expressing their political views at work. While Burgerville had a long-standing verbal policy prohibiting the wearing of personal buttons, we did not have a written policy about this,” the company told Fox News.

Supervisors at Burgerville’s Portland location noticed the trend, and sent ten workers home after they refused to remove the pins that violated company policy for being “controversial.”

The union called Burgerville’s policy “white supremacist” for only allowing political buttons expressing views about wages and working conditions, saying it singles out people who support Black Lives Matter and illegal immigration.

In the name of “political correctness”, the wishes of the customers has been largely removed from the equation.

“Guests provided feedback that they didn’t want to see personal and political messages while they ate,” Graham told the Oregonian. “Additionally, some employees expressed that the content of the buttons was drawing unwanted attention that made them uncomfortable.”

The company then announced it would be instituting an official, written policy banning the buttons to create an “inclusive” environment for its customers.

“The company is adopting one that represents our long-standing commitment to creating a universally welcoming and inclusive environment for our customers and employees alike,” the burger chain said in a statement.

This waste of time and resources could be fixed very simply: Burgerville is a private company and can do what they wish in terms of limiting political content on its property.

Just like Facebook and Twitter.

Talk about hypocrisy from the left…

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