The Persecuted Patriots from Bundy Ranch Speak Out – Here’s How You Can Help!

From the Idaho III%:
“The Idaho III% is a grassroots organization committed to Constitutional activism within the parameters of the rule of law and to public service at the local, regional, and state level. It is not anti-government, is not and does not function as a militia, and is not a subsidiary or affiliate chapter of any of the several national-level Three Percent Movement groups.”

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With the Malheur Refuge Occupation trial under way in Portland, Oregon, the defendants named in the Bundy Ranch indictment remain in prison, denied pretrial release despite no relevant or substantial criminal history. Eric Parker, “The Man on the Bridge”, speaks from prison just a little past the halfway mark to the upcoming trial in February 2017. The men are encouraged by the U.S. Attorney’s decision to drop the charges against journalist Pete Santilli in Oregon. Santilli spent months in prison under indictment for “conspiracy”, only to have the charges dropped one (1) day before the trial began. He will be extradited to Nevada and wait with the rest to stand trial there.

The Idaho III% has established two petitions related to the Bundy Ranch incident from 2014. First, the charges against these men should be dropped. Agents from the Bureau of Land Management and US Park Police needlessly escalated the situation on the 12th of April. No one got hurt, there was no violence. The four men from Idaho under indictment are not guilty of the crimes for which they are accused. Second, a petition to call upon Congress to formally investigate the unfolding of events at the Bundy Ranch.

Eric Parker’s statement can be heard here…

The petitions can be found here and here. Please consider signing these petitions and sharing with family, friends, through social media channels, and any relevant media platform.

Misinformation still circulates about the Bundy Ranch incident. Eric Parker provided a detailed account of what happened in Bunkerville, NV on Saturday, 12 April 2014. That interview can be found here.

Please consider a one-time or recurring donation to help these men’s families while they are incarcerated. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, helps them focus on their case and upcoming trial.

Eric and Andrea Parker:

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