BUILD AMERICA GREAT AGAIN: HUGE Infrastructure Package En Route

When Donald Trump took the reigns of the Oval Office 17 months ago, we knew that his reign would come complete with a massive reinvestment in America, and this week, he is once again delivering on that prophecy.

From the moment that Trump went from republican nominee to President Elect, we witnessed a shift in consumer confidence and consciousness.  Suddenly, huge corporations were looking at bringing back American jobs, knowing that the coming CEO-in-Chief wouldn’t possibly be able to let them down.

Other promises from the mouth of Trump came in waves.  There was near constant talk on immigration and national security, but when the prospect of infrastructure reform did arise, it too was met with the President Elect’s most stern verbiage.

Now, it looks as though the Commander in Chief will be delivering on that promise as well, with a bipartisan reform package making its way through our branches of government as we speak.

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The package, which will sell off government debt assets and split the money between deficit reduction and infrastructure spending, would cost taxpayers nothing–as it would transition wasteful government assets into serving as a revenue-raising tool.

The concept is that the bill, per a draft press release obtained by Breitbart News, “would require the Department of Agriculture to sell their distressed debt assets and the proceeds will be distributed between funding much needed infrastructure projects across the country and further paying down U.S. national debt.” The release draft says:

Currently, federal agencies hold more than $2 trillion in debt and lease asset. The sale of a portion of these assets, if expedited, could raise a significant amount of money. The sale of these fixed-rated debt assets at this time will maximize asset value. Interest rates are on the rise, and the Federal Reserve’s quantitative tightening program is on the horizon. As interest rates rise, the value of the agency assets will decline — perhaps substantially. Importantly, the sales will not alter the terms of the loans. The consumer protection obligations associated with eligible Department of Agriculture loans and guarantees will convey with the sale, thereby minimizing impact on borrowers.

This is just the sort of sensible asset management that we believed we would get with a Trump presidency, and it is beyond exciting to see a politician actually live up to some of their campaign promises.

Now, about that wall….

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