BUFFET BATTLEGROUND: Amid Political Chaos, Eatery Hires Guards

In the days before the advent of terrorism, there were rules to warfare.  One of the most poignant was that you never attacked hospitals, churches, or schools.

Of course, this has all changed, thanks in no small part to the extraordinarily horrific behavior of terrorists, dictators, and other ne’er do wells, who have entirely rewritten the laws of dissonance in our modern society.  Now, nothing is off limits.

This includes American politicians who just happen to be occupying a public space, not in any official capacity.  Perhaps they are eating dinner, or jogging, or simply arriving home.

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Now, after a spate of attacks that targeted White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Department of Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen, restauranteurs in the DC area have been on high alert.

One has even gone so far as to hire extra security to fend off liberal agitators.

The upscale Italian restaurant Fiola will hire security guards after protesters confronted Sen. Ted Cruz and wife while dining at the restaurant last week.

“We are now living in the aftermath of this PR disaster,” the owner said in an email to customers.

Last Monday, Cruz and his wife were chased out by about a dozen protesters regarding the senator’s support of embattled Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

In the email sent this weekend, owner and chef Fabio Trabocchi said the restaurant had to temporarily take down social media accounts because of hateful comments, and reservation lines were inundated with callers taunting staff and threatening to destroy the restaurant. The email said Trabocchi and his wife, Maria Font Trabocchi,  have personally received death threats.

“We would have never thought such a thing was possible in the restaurant business,” the email said.

Senator Cruz’s experience was just the latest in a long line of “protests” in restaurants as of late, with liberal Americans no longer able to harness the dignity and respect necessary to have a meaningful political discussion.


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