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Bubba Trashes #MeToo, Stands By His Actions in Lewinsky Fiasco

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Although their followers are completely oblivious to it, the liberal left is currently embroiled in one of the most dastardly and sexist scandals in modern culture…one that the mainstream media has been culpable in disguising.

Of course, I’m talking about the #MeToo movement; a cultural revolution in which women in America no longer allow liberal men to harass, assault, or abuse them sexually, particularly in situations where there is a dynamic of power or carer.  Harvey Weinstein is likely the most infamous of these democratic devils, having been connected now to well over one hundred cases of inappropriate sexual conduct ranging from lewd groping to systemic rape that was even covered in the Hollywood producer’s contracts with studios.

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein finally going down for the worst-kept secret in Tinseltown, a number of other prominent men in America found themselves succumbing to the chivalrous and conservatively-focused movement that was based on the Constitutional concept of equality as opposed to the liberal philosophy of equalization.  Of note is the enormous majority of these offenders residing on the left side of American politics, and how this plays into their ability to create such lengthy assault sprees.

You see, the left hides behind their social justice, virtue signaling Peacock act in order to absolve themselves of any suspicion of such vile behavior.  They couldn’t possibly be sexually assaulting all of these women if they are in the party of women’s rights, could they?

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Well, as we know now, of course they could.

Worse yet, one of the most prolific offenders of his time, Bill Clinton himself, is now defending the way he handled his affair with young White House staffer Monica Lewinsky.

Former President Bill Clinton says that, even in light of the #MeToo movement, he would not have approached how he dealt with Monica Lewinsky any differently and acknowledged that — 20 years after their relationship made headlines — he’s still never apologized privately to the former intern.

“I don’t think it would be an issue,” the ex-president told NBC News’ Craig Melvin in an interview that aired Monday on the “Today” show, after he was asked if he would have “approached the accusations differently” if he were president in 2018 “with everything that’s going on with the #MeToo movement.”

“Because people would be using the facts instead of the imagined facts. If the facts were the same today, I wouldn’t,” said Clinton, who was doing the “Today” interview along with author James Patterson to promote a new book they’ve written together titled “The President Is Missing.”

This will certainly raise a few eyebrows in feminism circles, particularly as we begin to gear up for the 2020 presidential race, which is a scant few months away.  The democrats will undoubtedly be running a number of women, hoping to cash in on the automatically-voting-for-a-lady millennial women who watch Broad City and are with her.


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