Bruce Willis’ Newest Movies has Liberals Enraged, Come See Why

I don’t think that movie studio executives thought that they were making a controversial decision when they decided to re-make the 1970’s Charles Bronson classic Death Wish.

I’m pretty sure they simply realized that the movie was a big hit in the 70’s, spawning a series of sequels which had similar success, and they were likely hoping that relaunching the franchise with a new action star some 40+ years later would be similarly profitable.

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I’m sure it will be, but it will also be controversial because in this day and age… what isn’t?

Here’s the first trailer for the movie, and it looks amazing, but see if you can spot why leftists are already hating this movie.

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So? Did you spot what’s got liberals so up in arms about the new action flick?

First, it takes place in Chicago. A city affectionately known to poor locals as “Chi-raq” and it’s not because of the warm climate. Secondly, our hero is “some white guy” who happens to go around meting out justice while wearing a hoodie. It’s like the film’s Director, Eli Roth, doesn’t realize that only young black me who are not criminals can wear hoodies. Third, RAAAAAAACISM.

The indomitable John Nolte has more on the wailing and gnashing teeth coming from the left:

This shows you how slavish and censorious film critics have become in the face of one of the qualities art should sometimes be about — provocation.

The problem, though, is that unlike those of us on the Right who are battered 24/7 by a left-wing dominated culture that provokes us every hour of every day, leftists like Mendelson are spoiled, bubbled, sheltered, and this makes them intellectually weak. Nothing teaches them to cope with disagreement or intellectual adversity, so in those rare moments when something challenging comes along, their only coping mechanism is to want it to go away.

The cries of racism are simply lazy attempts to discredit the movie before it ever hits the theaters. But the truth (as Nolte points out) is that the Death Wish movies have always been “equal opportunity” when it came to their bad guys. Yes, they’ve had African-American bad guys, but MOST of the antagonists in the Death Wish movies have been white.

I don’t understand the complaints of the movie being alt-right, but I guess everything that isn’t liberal is now supposedly alt-right. The film’s director, Eli Roth, is Jewish and is best known for his role as the Nazi-bashing Donny Donowitz, or the Bear Jew, in the film Inglorious Basterds. Roth is not a closeted alt-right supporter and this movie has nothing to do with the alt-right’s politics.

The movie looks terrific, don’t let whining lefties keep you from seeing it. There’s nothing political in the trailer, and there’s likely nothing political in the movie. It’s just going to be exciting, shoot-em-up, out for justice fun. 🇺🇸

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