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British Sniper Delivers Killshot to Jihadist From HOW FAR Away?!

There has been a severe lack of positive news regarding the war on terror in recent days, but one British military member just gave us a doozy to report on.

While the American left has long been attempting pacify the concerns of the international community by pretending that terrorism is no big deal, thousands of radical Islamic militants are exploiting the middle eastern refugee crisis to position themselves all over the globe.  Attacks such as the one that occurred in Manchester, England this week are proof positive that the war on terror is far from over, and the attitude of “leaders” such as former U.S. President Barack Obama will be of no help in defeating this evil ideology.

The battle against radical Islam must be fought on several fronts simultaneously.  Not only is a war of information key to the success of the mission, but a prolonged and sustained military assault on jihadists is absolutely necessary.  That’s where brave soldiers such as one unnamed British SAS sniper come in to play.

“A British SAS sniper armed with an American gun took out an Islamic State jihadist in Mosul from a distance of 1.5 miles.

“The sniper was using a  CheyTac M200 Intervention, which is made in South Carolina, USA.

“The Daily Mail reports that the ISIS jihadist was himself a sniper and was moving from position to position to find the place from which to shoot infidels when the SAS sniper shot him in the throat. Because of the distance between the jihadist and the SAS sniper, ‘it took three whole seconds for the bullet to reach its target.’”

This fantastic feat of terrorism eradication comes at a cost, however.  The weapon used in the feat that sent this one jihadist to his end has a price tag of $13,8000.

Now, with Donald Trump taking the reins of the United States military, having promise to wipe out ISIS, we will hopefully have more success stories such as this to relay in the coming weeks.  That is, if the democrats don’t continue their vile, globalist efforts to thwart the entire war on terror.


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