British Police Conduct Overnight Raids, Snatch 8 Individuals in Terror Probe


After the harrowing attack that took place outside of the British Parliament yesterday, the UK is taking no chances on a followup melee.

Yesterday’s terrorist attack was carried out by both vehicle and knife, leaving 4 dead and several dozen others injured just outside the gates of the British government’s most important location.  The attacker has not yet been identified, however, several overnight police raids across England have yielded at least 8 arrests connected to the heinous act.

“Armed police carried out a raid in the early morning hours of Thursday on six U.K. homes, arresting eight, according to a report from Fox News.

“Even though police have said they think the man who mowed down pedestrians with an SUV on London’s Westminster Bridge on Wednesday acted alone, they still raided homes in the city of Birmingham, which is located approximately 130 miles north of London.”

“Multiple people, including a police officer, have been killed by the man whom police say was ‘inspired by Islamic terrorism,’ according to U.K. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon. Seven of the 29 people who have since been hospitalized after the attack are in critical condition, said London metro police counterterrorism chief, Mark Rowley.

“His identity has not been made public, but the terrorist was shot to death by police at the time.”

The unwillingness to publicly identify the attacker has left some terror experts skeptical of the nature of the investigation, as the looming migrant crisis in Europe could suffer massive indemnification should we discover that the attacker was somehow bolstered by the dangerous open border policies of a majority of Europe.

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