British PM Shows That Conservativism Looks Like Liberalism Across the Pond

Editorial credit: Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock, Inc.

We have a bad habit of not being clear or making sure that others are understood. We will often use word assuming that our hearers are using those words in the same way. This is often not the case. We hear what is said but misapply our definition to phrases.

This is not what happened at the Republican Retreat in Philadelphia. When the Prime Minister began to speak, it became clear that what was misunderstood was the Conservative in her party name. She is clearly not what most Americans would call conservative.

Breitbart reports

British Prime Minister Theresa May used her speech in Philadelphia to needle the new Trump administration on a number of issues ranging from globalism to climate change, Islam, and even to defending the European Union.

The British premier compared “open, liberal and democratic” societies in the West versus “closed, coercive” ones. She hailed the United Nations, praised the World Bank, and called NATO “the cornerstone” of Western defense.

This means that she wants the status quo to rule the day. She does not like the idea of a strong America or a nation with borders. She wishes to continue to spread the fallacy that Islam is a religion of peace. In other words, she wants things the way they were before the populous movement took off.

But, Mrs. May like many of her globalist ilk has failed to realize that people are beginning to see the problem with the way they have been running this world. They have been telling us that right is wrong and that up is down.

The Conservative agenda  in Europe is to maintain the push back to get things moving left. They are the anvil to the Left’s hammer. They are not about Conserving anything but making it possible to have heroes and villains in a relativistic world. But will this poller trick work now?

It is hard to make the world go back to sleep, especially while what May calls a peaceful religion is blowing up her defenseless EU.

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