In Britain, It Is Not Racist If You Are Muslim

For many years we have not been allowed to say things about peoples’ race while arguing with them. That was just fine with me as I hate racial slurs. It is stupid to say someone is this or that way because of their color.

But, we have now gotten to the point that we realize that this rule really only applies to whites. If you are a person of color then, to call someone a white (insert curse here), then it is okay. As it seems that whites are the “oppressors,” we have no protection from the law.

This is particularly the case if we are dealing with Muslims.

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Breitbart reports

A shocking video of a Muslim man apparently racially abusing and physically assaulting a couple has caused outrage online, but has failed to trigger much interest from Police or the mainstream media.

The video, which went viral Friday morning after being shared on Twitter, appears to show a male with a heavy Polish accent being called a “pig” and “son of a bitch”, and a woman being spat at and struck by a man in traditional robes.

London’s Metropolitan Police said they were “monitoring this thread should further info come to light” on Twitter, but “as a minimum requirement” needed to know the location of the incident before it could be reported as a crime.

Though the license plates of both cars were clearly seen on both cars, there will likely be no action taken. The man could attempt to spit on and physically assault the woman; there is likely to be no action taken by the authorities.

It is clear that they only take action when the minority is assaulted or verbally attacked.

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