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Britain Finally Ready to Fight Against Radical Islam After London Bridge Attack

The war between political correctness and reality has been waging for years around the globe, while radical Islamic extremists continue their unprecedented terror spree.

It began as an ill-formed notion in the head of former U.S. President Barack Obama, who refused to acknowledge radical Islam by name, afraid that he would offend and alienate muslim voters who he hoped to persuade into Hillary Clinton’s camp for the 2016 election.  The then-President attempted to convince the people of the world that ISIS and the like were “on the run” and “desperate”, and that’s why their attacks had been on a much less grandiose scale.

In reality, ISIS had merely adopted fresh, lone-wolf tactics.  This allowed the evil organization to conduct operations in greater frequency, sacrificing only the enormous scale of seminal moments such as the September 11th attacks.

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Many world leaders fell in line behind Obama, and when the Syrian refugee crisis took full effect, these liberal politicians had no choice but to continue their facade of political correctness as it pertained to the speed and volume at which they were accepting barely-vetted migrants from terror-rich nations in the middle east.  Now, however, it seems that even those sentiments are lost on the British, as they stand, mouths agape, after yet another incredibly violent terror attack on their soil.

Theresa May has vowed that ‘enough is enough’ as she urged people to go about their lives as normal after seven people were killed and almost 50 injured in the London Bridge terror attack.

“The Prime Minister said that there is ‘far too much tolerance of extremism in our country’ as she set out plans to crack down on terror.

“She said that while the Manchester Arena attack which killed 22 people, the Westminster attack in March which left four people dead and the London Bridge attack are not directly connected, there is now a ‘new trend’ in the threat the UK faces as ‘terrorism breeds terrorism’.

“The Prime Minister said that the UK must do more to tackle the threat posed by ‘Islamist extremism’.”

While it is certainly refreshing to find a world leader willing to utter the phrase “Islamist extremism”, the fact of the matter is that, as the terrorists adapt, so must the world.  There is no longer room for capitulation of radical Islam, even in leftist semantics.  An unfortunate truth of the matter is that profiling, and other politically “incorrect” practices, are necessary components of the war against religious violence.  If the price we must pay to save lives is offending some international travelers, I doubt that you’d find anyone in Britain today willing to argue with you about it.

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