Brit Leader Nigel Farage Defends Donald Trump, Blasts the European Union’s Hypocrisy

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UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage is as pro-American as they come in Europe, and he’s also one of the most hated men there as well. He led the charge for #Brexit, and he has been arguing for a realistic plan to handle Muslim migration into the UK and Europe. All of this has made him a hated political figure, but his recent embrace of Donald Trump and his decision to defend America’s political philosophies from angry Europeans has made him very unpopular with his fellow politicians.

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Here’s what Farage had to say to the EU Parliament:

“Oh, I’ll be respectful alright and perhaps you will be too. But perhaps you will be too, for the right of the leader of a political party that won the European election in the United Kingdom in 2014.

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It seems to me that actually with all the anti-Trump rhetoric that is coming from everywhere, actually what we are hearing, is the true nature of the European project, which is genuine anti-Americanism.

Trump is motivated by protecting the United States of America from Islamic terrorism, where as what has happened in this room and in government around Europe is you have welcomed these people into your own homes. 

But can we please, just for a moment, look at the facts, amongst all the hyperbole and hysteria. All that Donald Trump has done is taken 7 countries that were identified by President Obama as posing a risk to the USA. Obama had already put in place extreme vettin;, what Trump has done was for 90 days say, “Let’s examine that vetting and see whether it’s good enough.”

But I want to ask you Mr. Verhofstadt and all the others with your faux outrage today, where were you when Obama in 2011 banned any Iraqi from going into the country for six months? Why do I hear no criticism in this chamber or from the commission of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Brahrain, and others who refuse to take a single, not one refugee or displaced person from Syria? And how can it be, how can it be that on Holocaust Day last Friday, not a single one of you criticized the 16 countries in the world that ban Israeli Jews from even going to their country on holiday?

What is this hypocrisy?”

(Farage starts speaking about 1:10 into the video, but the real pertinent section begins at about 2:55 into the video.)

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