Brexit Was Just The First Step. Here is What Needs to Happen Next. [VIDEO]

Why do we need to go beyond Brexit? Because the tyrants in Brussels are only a small part of the threat to the world today.

Once the justified euphoria has been felt, we need to realize that we must go beyond Brexit–that it was only a first step. The interview below points out that the British populace needs to not only be free of regulations from Brussels, but also from regulations issued from Westminster.

This is true of the United States as well. Hostility to foreign entanglements, both in undemocratically imposed managed trade systems and military obligations in regions that have nothing to do with Americans’ interests, is a major part of Donald Trump’s success.

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But what is as important as removing ourselves from supranational bureaucracies and “collective security” arrangements is freeing ourselves from the tyrants in Washington DC.

The euphoria many Americans feel about Brexit is related to the popularity of Trump’s message. As Mark Davis writes at,

A flurry of mixed feelings swirls around the Trump candidacy as voters weigh whether they can sign onto his multi-flavored ideologies and multi-faceted personality.  But the core of Trump followers, with differences on foreign policy, taxes and social issues, unite under a shared hunger— a return to a time when our leaders considered the interests of our people, our economy and our borders first.

The appeal of that concept does not fit tidily into the ideological frameworks that usually guide our elections.  This is why some conservatives are tied up in knots when they know deep down that they must vote to prevent a Hillary Clinton presidency:  the Trump Train was hardly the vehicle they envisioned as their ticket to escape the Obama era.

But November provides us a chance to echo the inspiring audacity of our British cousins,  beefing up our borders and standing up for sovereignty after decades of neglect at the hands of both parties.

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage spoke to adrenaline-fueled supporters at 4 a.m., expressing the hope that Brexit success “leads us to a Europe of sovereign nation-states trading together, being friends together, cooperating together.”  He gave voice to his countrymen ready to jettison the trappings of the collectivist EU and its reign from afar:  “Let’s get rid of the flag, the anthem, Brussels, and all that has gone wrong…  Let June 23rd go down in our history as our independence day!”

This is compelling stuff, and instructive if we are wise enough to pay attention.

I couldn’t agree more, as one of those conservatives who never envisioned the Trump Train as the way out from both the Obama and Bush eras (or is it just one era?). But it’s not just Obama era and it’s not just those issues that need to be addressed. Trump’s promise to abolish Obamacare, for example, is every bit as important as his other campaign promises.

We need freedom from the expansive Federal Government as much as we need freedom from NAFTA.

Beyond Brexit, we need liberty.

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