BREAKING: US Military Launches More than 50 Tomahawk Missiles in Response to Syrian Gassing of Civilians


President Trump held a press conference about the attack just a little while ago!

“No Child of God should ever suffer such horror.” President Trump 4/6/17

It seems that Bashar Assad finally crossed a red-line that he shouldn’t have, or maybe he crossed an American President that he shouldn’t have.

NBC News is reporting that the United States military has launched more than 50 missiles at the Syrian government’s strongholds in response to their recent chemical gas attack on their own civilian population.

Here’s CBS’ Live Report:

Just a few hours ago NBC and CBS were reporting that the USA appeared to be preparing for a strike, and now that strike seems to have occurred.

Here’s what CBS said earlier this evening:

With two destroyers armed with cruise missiles positioned in the eastern Mediterranean, the U.S. appeared on the verge of launching a strike against the Syrian military in retaliation for the suspected chemical attack earlier this week.

Cruise missiles are unmanned aircraft which carry a 1,000-pound warhead. They fly close to the ground below enemy air defenses, guided to their targets by GPS satellites.

Earlier today Secretary of State Rex Tillerson refuted Syria’s claims of having done no wrong.

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