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BREAKING: Second Fence Jumper at White House in LESS THAN A WEEK


The Secret Service sure do have their hands full this week, with not one but two intruders to the White House and a massive theft scandal.

While no one expected the Secret Service to have an easy job in protecting the controversial President Donald Trump, many in the security community are perplexed at the degree of ineptitude shown by the agency in the wake of recent breaches.  First we learned that last week’s fence jumper went unmolested on the grounds of the White House for 15 minutes before being intercepted by the agency.  Then, in a stunning breach of national security, a laptop was stolen from a Secret Service agents vehicle that was left unattended and unlocked.  This laptop contained not only information in Hillary Clinton’s security, but also the security details for the Secret Service’s protection of Trump Tower in NYC.

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Now, we have yet another fence jumper.

“Just after noon Saturday, another security breach occurred at the White House, Fox News has reported.

“The Secret Service agents suddenly started yelling and their dogs were released to go after the suspect.  Reporters were told to clear out of the front law.

“Leland Vittert of FOX said Sean Spicer confirmed that the person did not actually make it over the fence, but they tried, setting off the Secret Service alarms.   The person has been apprehended and is being questioned by Secret Service officials.

“President Trump is at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida this weekend.”

The President has been a lightning rod for liberal angst in America, and his election and inauguration both sparked massive and violent protests by leftist millennials.  It is unfortunately a natural progression for these sore loser liberals to lash out against Trump and everything he represents, and as such, the Secret Service will have to remain on their toes for the foreseeable future.


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