BREAKING: Pentagon Believes Russia May Have Colluded with Assad in Chemical Attack


In a twist that could extremely dire consequences for the entirety of the globe, the Pentagon is now investigating possible Russian involvement in a chemical weapons attack in Syria earlier this week.

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Not long after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson alluded to Russia’s “incompetence” or possible ” complicity” in the heinous and reprehensible use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians, presumably by President Bahsar al-Assad, the United State’s brightest military minds have a new concern on their radar:  Did the Russian’s actively participate in the massive human rights violation itself?

The speculation regarding the possible involvement by Vladimir Putin’s military is frightening.  What the Pentagon proposes is that Russian aircraft may have been used to monitor the surviving victims of the initial chemical weapon attack.  Once this aircraft was able to determine where these affected Syrian civilians traveled to seek treatment for their exposure to the illegal weapons, it is possible that a Russian aircraft then bombed the destination hospital in an effort to bury any evidence of Assad’s use of the nerve agents.

“According to CNN, the Pentagon is particularly interested in whether a Russian warplane actually conducted the bombing run on the Khan Sheikhoun hospital where victims were receiving treatment within hours of the attack, ‘with the aim of destroying evidence.’

“Such an inquiry will not, of course, sit well with Russia, which is currently demanding a U.N. Security Council investigation of American aggression.

“There have been conflicting reports about whether any Russian personnel or aircraft, particularly helicopters, were present at the Sharyat airbase. Videos can be found online purporting to show Russian helicopters at the base as recently as February, but Fox Newsquotes Pentagon briefers stating ‘no Russian aircraft were at the Sharyat airfield’ when the missiles struck.”

The precarious relationship between Russia and the United States could be forever torn asunder by these accusations, and the implications of that fallout could very well be devastating to the entire planet.  While many news outlets earn their keep by playing up the ever-present threat of World War III, a middle eastern conflict between the United States and Russia, in an ISIS stronghold no less, would make for an extremely poignant and compelling argument for disaster.

Currently, there is at least one Russian warship headed to the region, on course to possibly interact with the American Naval destroyers responsible for the airstrike against Sharyat airfield where the chemical attack originated from.

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