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BREAKING NEWS: Late Night White House Bomb Threat at Checkpoint


While President Trump is in Florida visiting his Mar-A-Lago estate, the White House has been bustling with danger.

This week’s second fence-jumping intruder took to the White House lawn after a leap on Saturday afternoon.  Some hours later, late on Saturday night, a car drove up to the White House vehicle checkpoint, at which point the driver stated that the vehicle contained a bomb.

“A car drove up to a White House checkpoint late Saturday night and the driver claimed to have a bomb in his vehicle, two law enforcement officials tell CNN.

“There was no confirmation that there was any device in the vehicle but security at the White House was immediately upgraded.
One person was in custody after the incident and the vehicle was being checked, the sources said.”
This story is obviously still developing, but we expect that the White House will release a detailed report within the day.

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