Breaking! GOP Healthcare Vote – Cancelled!

The GOP healthcare bill was supposed to be voted on today, but it seems that Republican leaders could not secure enough votes to move their plans forward and so the vote (which was guaranteed by some leaders) has been put off until tomorrow, maybe.

From the New York Post:

The GOP House leadership on Thursday suddenly postponed the critical vote to repeal and replace ObamaCare after failing to muster enough votes to pass the measure.

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“The House currently stands in recess. Members are further advised that votes are now expected in the House tomorrow,” the House said in a terse statement shortly after 3:30 p.m.

A White House official later downplayed the postponement — which was a sharp blow to one of President Trump’s key campaign promises.

“Debate will commence tonight as planned and the vote will be in the morning to avoid voting at 3 a.m. We feel this should be done in the light of day, not in the wee hours of the night, and we are confident the bill will pass in the morning,” the official told The Post.

While the GOP leadership may project confidence that the vote will still proceed, and favorably, two stories broke this afternoon that may put the bill in even more danger than before.

All of the most recently released polling data seems to suggest that while Obamacare is still unpopular, the GOP replacement bill may  be even more unpopular. Of all of the polls conducted since March 9th, only one has the GOP healthcare bill above water (slightly). Perhaps even more troubling, those who oppose the bill are more fervent in their opposition than supporters are supportive.


The second big blow to the GOP leadership’s plans is that the CBO just released their re-scoring of the healthcare bill and it’s not looking good.

According to the new CBO analysis the GOP bill “will not have achieved deficit reduction for seven years — until well into a theoretical second term for President Trump.”

You can see the report here.

So, if the new score is no better than the last one and the voters don’t seem to like the GOP bill (at all), then why in the world would the GOP push this through. If the bill would dramatically improve our healthcare system, but the voters hated it… fine, they could vote the GOP out in the next election. Or, if the bill stunk but the voters loved it… no problem, give the people what they want. But when both the people hate it and the bill looks bad, DON’T VOTE FOR IT.

Here’s hoping that pushing the vote back will soon become cancelling the vote altogether and finding a new plan to repeal Obamacare. 🇺🇸

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